What Age Does Menopause Start?

What Age Does Menopause Start?

What Age Does Menopause Start?

What Age Does Menopause Start?

Menopause is a natural stage in a woman’s life, some would say. Menopause start with the cessation of menstruation for twelve consecutive months. It can occur at any time between 40 and 60 years.

The body is now lacking two of the most important hormones: estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are responsible for the proper functioning of bones, memory, reproductive system, urinary function, cardiovascular and cognitive development. All these are turned upside down when the level of these hormones in the blood decreases.

In medical language, menopause is officially present when your period has stopped for one year. A blood test may not show this properly. It’s very easy to put this diagnose, but it’s not always the right one.

No one should fear the menopausal period. Do your best to avoid food that accelerates the hormonal level and situations that trigger the other perturbant symptoms. Find a way to reestablish a good hormone balance and you will escape the “menopausal woman” stigma.

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